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YATE Viper 54/16 bow
107.60 EUR
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YATE Yoga mat Natural Rubber, model K, 4 mm - blue crystal

A very comfortable yoga mat with modern design offers a micro-fibre surface and a thick base layer made of natural rubber The yoga mat is thick enough...

55.60 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SA04748


59.00 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: Y504163


YATE AIR PILLOW –  50x31x8 cm

A lightweight inflatable pillow with a soft surface will make you feel at home on the road. Easy to inflate and deflate with a low profile FLAT valve....

24.40 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SC00270
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Double-layered tent with self-supporting standalone innner costruction and entrance space, for 2-3 persons. Recommended especially for camping and cyc...

126.00 EUR
180.00 EUR
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Code: ST00428

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YATE Gymsack Turquoise

YATE Gymsack Material: Polyester 600D Size: 43 x 33 cm Volume:    20 l General Information about the productWarranty period: ...

5.95 EUR
7.44 EUR
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Code: SS00477

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YATE Relax Air Lounge

Relax air lounge YATEA compact, lightweight bag is ideal for relaxing wherever and whenever you like without pump. Durable material. Color: blueMateri...

21.00 EUR
30.00 EUR
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Code: SS00069

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YATE SCOUT 5,5 Grey Inflatable Mat

This model represents a new generation of the inflatable mattresses with separated chambers for better comfort and insulation. They prevent the air fr...

50.88 EUR
63.60 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SC00201