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HIGHLANDER Whistling Kettle Alu Large Dark Navy 2 l

A 2 litre whistling camping kettle. Enamel coated finish. Color dark blue.Parameters Material: Aluminium Weight: 250 g Packing si...

13.69 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SS00564


YATE CONTOUR 3,8 Green/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

New model of self-inflating camping mat - it has almost the same properties as a TREKKER model but it has a new visual - contour map lines. It has out...

66.27 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SC00190


YATE Sit Mat 1-layer, 245x190 mm  Yellow

Sit down anywhere outside and you will not get dirty or cold because our practical seats are light to carry either in your bag or pocket. Very often o...

1.14 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: M02155A

Special offer -20 %


YATE Yoga Mat Double Layer TPE Turquoise/Grey

Exercising mat made from ecologic TPE material, which has thanks to its closed cell structure outstanding shape constancy, it is anti-slippery, water-...

21.02 EUR
26.27 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SA04708
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YATE SHILO Rucksack 30+10L Green

Lightweight and compact rucksack suitable especially for water sports - contains welded seams and waterproof closure. It is rainproof and resists wate...

30.74 EUR
38.43 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SS00031

Special offer -40 %

MUND EXPLORER KIDS Socks khaki/black

  Parameters: Material:   35%Merino; 35%Acryl; 15%Polyester; 5%Polyamid;10%Elastan Lycra   General Information about the productWarra...

5.86 EUR
9.76 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SB00084

Special offer -20 %

YATE Folding Hula-Hoop  90 cm

Folding hulahoop diameter 90 cmFoam padded hoop for extra comfort. Easy to assemble and disassemble and keep exercising without package troubleDiamete...

10.98 EUR
13.73 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SA04677

Special offer -20 %

YATE Yoga Mat Natural Rubber -  model C  Blue

This mat is a lightweight travel yoga mat made from natural rubber bonded with ultra absorbent polyester microfiber. Perfect for hot yoga, or as an ad...

32.94 EUR
41.18 EUR
In Stock: More than 5  pcs
Code: SA04689