Bottle Tritan 600 ml - green
Bottle Tritan 600 ml - greenBottle Tritan 600 ml - green

Bottle Tritan 600 ml - green

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Drink bottle made of Tritan material. Very resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical damage. The bottle can withstand even very rough handling. It does not contain BPA or any other undesirable substances that could be released into the beverage, even with long-term use of eg acidic fruit drinks. The bottle is easy to clean due to the fact that the structure of the material is not porous. The simple screw cap has an external thread to prevent dirt from settling in it.
Due to the risk of scalding, do not use the beverage bottle with a temperature above 40 ° C.
Wash with hot water, in case of heavier soiling you can use a common dishwashing detergent or cleaning tablets. Use a cleaning brush to thoroughly clean, for example, the remains of a dried sweet drink. The bottle can also be placed in the dishwasher.
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