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YATE TREKKER LONG 3,8/198 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
In Stock
We added this new model beside the Trekker mat which has excellent quality of ma...
78.04 EUR
Price excluding VAT  64.50 EUR
YATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
In Stock
YATE ALPIN blue/grey 183x51x3,8 cmA new model utilises the last materials to rea...
82.35 EUR
Price excluding VAT  68.06 EUR
YATE GLACIER AIR MAT 7,0 Blue/Grey Inflatable Mat
In Stock
YATE GLACIER AIR MAT blue/grey 183x51x7 cmGLACIER AIR MAT  is a comfortable infl...
99.99 EUR
Price excluding VAT  82.64 EUR
YATE GUIDE PLUS 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
In Stock
YATE GUIDE PLUS BLUE/GREY 183x51x3.8 cmA light top material and a lightweight co...
78.43 EUR
Price excluding VAT  64.82 EUR
YATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable Mat
In Stock
This model represents a new generation of the inflatable mattresses with separat...
58.43 EUR
Price excluding VAT  48.29 EUR
YATE TREKKER 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
In Stock
Wery popular model with outstanding qualities of material and production details...
66.27 EUR
Price excluding VAT  54.77 EUR