YATE Pump sack 70x49 cm

A special bag is used for inflating of Nomad, Voyager and Scout models. The output in the lower part of the bag must be locked into a vent of the mat....

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YATE Hand Air-Pump from PU Foam

PU FOAM HAND PUMP - can be used with tube mats and self-inflaing mats. You can inflate the mat with this pump by pushing it with your hands or feet. E...

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YATE Mat Cover Diameter 18,5 cm

For all types of foam mats. Protects the mat from damage, stain and partially from rain. Not suitable for EVA  mats which cause too big friction when ...

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YATE Mat Cover with Zipper

Suitable for EVA mats. Dimensions ?18,5 x 52 cm General information about the productWarranty period: 24 monthsProducer: Yate

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YATE Pillow clips - set 2 Pcs

Sure, you don´t want your pillow to slide down the mat? Fix in the proper position with the pillow clips. The small, lightweight package contains two ...

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YATE Reduction for Inflating

 Tube with auto-closing valve. Facilitates inflating and deflating of mats and air mattresses (tube mats). This valve stops the air leaking from the m...

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YATE Relax Air Lounge

Relax air lounge YATEA compact, lightweight bag is ideal for relaxing wherever and whenever you like without pump. Durable material. Color: blueMateri...

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YATE Repair Kit (Glue+Patches)

Repair kit for mending  of small holes in mats after piercing or cutting. Easy to use. Is is necessary to clean the mat before mending, degrease it an...

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YATE Rubber Band

General Information about the productWarranty period: 24 monthsProducer: Yate 

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YATE Rubber Band with Logo YATE

Practical rubber band for tying up of rolled mat and other material. YATE original. The price is for one rubber band.  Parametr Material: Elast...

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YATE Self-Inflating Pad 40x30x3,1 cm

Small, light and practical seat, useful in nature as well as in garden. Parameters  Material: Polyester 75 D Colour red/grey Weig...

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YATE Self-Inflating Pillow  L  40x28x8 cm

Comfortable pillow from stretch material. Makes you travels more comfortable and pleasant, very light and compact. Water-resistant, can be washed, not...

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