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YATE Alu Pot 3 parts

Classic mess kit. 1,25 bowl + 0,85l bowl + lid. Parameters  Material: Pickled aluminium Weight: 490 g Size of the package: 160x...

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Code: M04979
YATE Alu Tweezers

Attachable handle for aluminium YATE mess kits. Protects you from burns and stains. ParametersMaterial: Pickled aluminiumWeight: 30 g General Informat...

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Code: SS00585

Bent spoon with string. Parameters Material: Stainless steel Weight: 35 g  General Information about the productWarranty period: 24 m...

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Code: SN00009

Ladle for outdoor use, string for attaching included.Parameters Material: Stainless steel Weight: 40 g  General Information about the...

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Code: M03690
YATE Camp tripod foldable

Foldable camping tripod with chain and hook. Chain length: 50 cm.Small and compact packing.Max. load: 5 kgMaterial: Aluminium, steelLength: 78 cmPacks...

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Code: SN00165
YATE Cooking Set TRAPPER - 3 parts

Light and durable cooking set. The lid fits into the top of the big pot perfecty - the condensating water drips back down and not out. The lid can be ...

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Code: SN00018
YATE Cutlery + tin opener

Hiking cutlery. Spoon, fork, knife and can opener.Parameters Material: Stainless steel Weight: 135 g General Information about the pr...

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Code: M03730
YATE Enamel cauldron 8 l

Material: enamelled ironCleaning: neutral liquid detergent,do not use scouring cleanersDiamater: 33 cmWeight: 1,225 kgGeneral Information about the pr...

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Code: SN00047
YATE Kettle with lid Alu 10 l

Pot with flat bottom, content 10 l. This pot is made from quality aluminium intended for contact with food. The pot is equipped with stainless foldabl...

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Code: SN00007
YATE Kettle with pan Alu 5 l

Pot with flat bottom, content 5,0 l + lid 1 l, which can be also used as a pan. Parameters Material: Stained aluminium Weight: 860 g ...

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Code: M05306

The classic mess kit / pot made from the stainless material. Now even lighter and cheaper under the YATE brand production. Dish 1,25l, lid 0,3 l. Stai...

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Code: SN00019
YATE Stainless Steel Cup  0,23 l

Stainless steel cup with handle. A very popular accessory for hiking and camping. The stainless steel material is hygienically harmless and unbreakabl...

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Code: SN00022