HIGHLANDER Condor Multi Tool

A compact and lightweight multi-functional tool that comes with a screw driver socket set that fits in your pocket. Dimensions: 16.5x5.5x2.2cm ...

31.60 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00567
HIGHLANDER Harrier Multi Tool

A basic multi-functional tool which fits in your pocket. Dimensions: 16.5x5.7x2.8cm Pack Size: Closed Size 10.5x5.7x2.8cm Weight (kg)...

25.00 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00568
HIGHLANDER Kukri Knife Versatile

Folding lock knife Sturdy stainless steel construction Polyamide belt pouch Pakkawood with plastic print coating handle grip 8cm Locking blade In...

46.00 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SN00077
HIGHLANDER Precision Knife Sharpener

Restores the edge of a dull knife.Lanyard hole and detachable metal loop.Crossed carbide blades for quick edge setting.Crossed ceramic rods for a razo...

9.60 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00757
HIGHLANDER Sharpenning Stone - 2 Pcs

2 small stones that will sharpen any blades. Will sharpen all steel blades. Reconstituted stone construction.General Information about the productWarr...

3.60 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00756
HIGHLANDER Survival Axe 0,4 kg

One piece drop forged high carbon steelBlackened finishGlass filled nylon with PR over mould handleLanyard holeGlass breaker pommelChisel top edge for...

42.00 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00515
HIGHLANDER Wolverine Folding Saw

A large folding saw with jagged edge for cutting green and dead wood with ease. Fals to fit in pocket or rucksacks. Parameters Material: steel ...

10.80 EUR
In Stock: More than 5 pcs
Code: SS00680