Anti Slip Grip Shoe Covers

YATE  RUN TRAIL Crampons - Size XL (44-47)

The light-weight steel-spiked crampons are attached to your shoes with chains and steel cords. They are suitable for walking and running on a slippery...

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YATE Blue Ice Crampons

YATE BLUE ICE crampons are designed for walking on snow, ice or slippery terrain. They improve stability and traction on a flat or slightly inclined a...

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Code: SZ00026A

The crampons are suitable for walking or running on a slippery or icy surface in easy terrain (icy snow, dirt road). The reinforced lower frame with s...

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YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)

YATE ICE SPIKES crampons with long steel tips facilitate walking and running in snow, on ice and in difficult terrain with the risk of slipping. The c...

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YATE RAPTOR Snowshoes red / white

The universal snowshoes with alu-frame make walking on icy snow easier thanks to a set of spikes. The binding for shoe-size 35–49.Instruction for use:...

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Code: SZ00056
YATE Snowshoes RAPTOR with lift Black / green

New snowshoes with alu-frame, ice spikes and heel pad. This make walking on icy snow, especially into the hill even easier. The binding for shoe-size ...

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Code: SZ00063