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YATE AZUR AIR BED 10,0 Blue Inflatable Mat

YATE AZUR AIR BED, blue, 190x64x10 cm Azur an inflatable mattress, is ideal for holiday and car camping as it can also be used on water. It is equippe...

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YATE LECTUS 5,0 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

YATE LECTUS blue/grey 199x64x5Lectus, your new companion for camping or a make-shift bed for your visitors, is a model with the best parameters for ha...

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TREKMATES Dryliner Roll-top Drybag Waterproof XXL/40 l

Voděodolný pytel TrekMates slouží jako doplněk vašeho vybavení do přírody a pomůže vám ochránit cokoli co potřebujete skrýt, především před vodou - od...

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YATE CAST Telescopic Trekking Poles

Cast telescopis trekking pole is very light and quality material Al 7075. Tungsten tip. Elegant design, ergonomically shaped rubber handles. Price per...

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Headlamp with high-performance 3W CREE diode. These diodes have significant light power and long lifespan (up to 50 000 hours) at the same time they n...

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YATE MICRO 3 LED Headlamp + Clip

Small, compact head lamp for various purposes - as a emergeny torch into the car, for biking, camping etc. Thanks to the elastic strap you can attach ...

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YATE Money Belt

Waterproof case for personal documents, money and other valuables, attachable by belt. The case can be attached straight to the body - that ensures pr...

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YATE Water Toy Car

Water toy for children from 3 to 10 years of age. Helps to develop motor skills and balance of a child. To be used in paddling pools and shallow swimm...

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YATE Waterproof Tablet Pouch

Travel case which safel protects your tables from the water, dirt and scratches. Case is almost completely waterproof - if you close it properly it ca...

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