YATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
YATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

YATE ALPIN 3,8 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

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A new model utilises the last materials to reach the lowest weight and volume when packed. By combining the new surface and core materials the weight has benn reduced to mere 620 g. At the same time the mat retains the maximum comfort and excellent insulation properties. REVERSE valve allows for faster inflating or deflating. ALPIN is designed for hiking and climbing, and it should be used in a tent or in places where is surface will not get easily damaged.


Surface: Polyester 20

Color: blue/grey

Dimension: 183x51x3,8 m

Packing in: 14 x 26 cm

Folding in half: Yes

Weight: 620 g  ( can vary ± 10%

Thermal resistance: 4,0


General Information about the product

Producer: Yate


Self inflating mats

Instructions for use: Before use, remove all objects from the base under the mat, which could damage its surface, open the valve and unfold the mat.

The REVERSE valve is opened by pulling out and closes by pushing - see description of valve use below. The length of inflation depends on the method of storage before use. You can inflate the mat with your mouth or a special YATE pump (the pump will ensure that moist air does not enter the mat, which insulates less). Close the valve.


General information: Do not leave the mat inflated with the valve closed in direct sunlight and at high temperatures (above 30 ° C)! In these cases, you should always open the valve. If you use the mat in high temperatures, drop a little air to release the pressure. This will prevent possible damage to the product. Do not expose to direct fire!


Protect from sharp objects. Protect from contact with chemically aggressive substances (acids, caustics, solvents, repellents, fatty creams and other substances), which could damage the product. Store the mat dry and clean and dry place. Clean with soap and water. Tolerances of  thickness and weight may vary 10%.



Guarantee of quality

Modern products are usually not only pleasant to the eye but also have many technical amenities and details which are hidden but dramatically improve quality of the product and make it unique. Self-inflating mats have three major quality factors 1) light weight 2) small size when packed 3) long lifespan.

The light weight is achieved by selection of high-quality materials both for surface of the mat and the core.
This material must be not only light but also firm and durable. We also lighten the mat by using lightweight inner foam. However this is not done at the expense of comfortability and insulation qualities of the mat. The choice of material and the way of lightening of the mat has significant impact on the size of packed mat.
All of our product has double layer of insulation which prevents air against air leaking, this insuation is applied to top layer of the fibre. This ensures maximum protection and long lifespan of the product. Each mat is tested for 24 hours after manufacturing, which helps us avoid selling defective products.


Thermal resistance is the feature which is today usually stated with sleepíng mats. Thermal resistance - R is physical quantity which states thermo-isolational properties of a material. It is dependent on thickness of the material and λ. When we want to make R as high as possible, we aim for the maximal possible thickness of the material and at the same time we are trying to keep λ as low as possible. Thermal resistance R stands for resistance of 1 m2 of material against transmission of heat energy in difference of temperatures 1 K. Coefficient of thermal conductivity λ represents the ability of material to conduct thermic power. It is a value of W wich transmits through material of 1 m of thickness when the difference between temeperatures of surfaces is 1 K. Notes: R = d / λ (m2.K.W-1); d - thickness of the material (m); λ - Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material (W.m-1.K-1).
When sleeping in nature - the place for the mat is not usually perfectly flat and thus even the best mat may not entirely serve to its purpose, when you slip off with your sleeping bag. For this reason ve evolved special surface with anti-slip material „MICRO BRUSHED“ which increases the friction and prevents the sleeping bag from slipping.






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