YATE CALIMAN 3,5 Blue Self-Inflating Mat

YATE CALIMAN 3,5 Blue Self-Inflating Mat

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The basic model of a self-inflatable mat that is comfortable enough and thanks to classic inner foam provides great thermo-isolation. Suitable for camping, tramping, as a folding bed on a beach, garden, festival etc. The package includes compressing rubber band and a sack.


Dimensions: 182x51x3,5 cm

Weight: 950 g ( can vary ± 10%

Dimensions when packed: 22x26 cm

Thermal resistance: 3,8

Colour: blue


General information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months
Producer: Yate


Self inflating mats

Instructions for use: Before use, remove all objects from the base under the mat, which could damage its surface, open the valve and unfold the mat.

The REVERSE valve is opened by pulling out and closes by pushing - see description of valve use below. The length of inflation depends on the method of storage before use. You can inflate the mat with your mouth or a special YATE pump (the pump will ensure that moist air does not enter the mat, which insulates less). Close the valve.


General information: Do not leave the mat inflated with the valve closed in direct sunlight and at high temperatures (above 30 ° C)! In these cases, you should always open the valve. If you use the mat in high temperatures, drop a little air to release the pressure. This will prevent possible damage to the product. Do not expose to direct fire!


Protect from sharp objects. Protect from contact with chemically aggressive substances (acids, caustics, solvents, repellents, fatty creams and other substances), which could damage the product. Store the mat dry and clean and dry place. Clean with soap and water. Tolerances of  thickness and weight may vary 10%.

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