YATE CAMPING 7,5 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat
YATE CAMPING 7,5 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE CAMPING 7,5 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating MatYATE CAMPING 7,5 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

YATE CAMPING 7,5 Blue/Grey Self-Inflating Mat

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The largest and most comfortable model in our production! Holiday are for resting! You can have a small tent but what you need is a good mat. This model is intended chiefly for car camping, however it can be also used as a spare bed for visits etc. Length and width is equivalent to dimensions of classic mattresses. This mat is 7,5 cm thick which ensures outstanding comfort. The surface of this mat is made from stretch material which perfectly adjusts itself in according to the shape of your body and ensures its comfort in the similar way as a slatted bed. Thanks to this property of the mat you will sleep much more comfortably than on other self-inflating mats. This stretch material was first used by Trangoworld company and you can find in on all Compact models in our sortiment.



Material: Polyester 50 Stretch / Polyester 75D
Colour: Blue / dark grey
Weight: 1780 g
Size: 198x66x7,5 cm


General Information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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