YATE Cooking Set TRAPPER - 3 parts
YATE Cooking Set TRAPPER - 3 partsYATE Cooking Set TRAPPER - 3 parts

YATE Cooking Set TRAPPER - 3 parts

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Light and durable cooking set. The lid fits into the top of the big pot perfecty - the condensating water drips back down and not out. The lid can be also used as a pan or plate. Pot 1,5l +1l + lid 0,5 l, foldable handles, transport package. For 2-3 persons.

Material: Stanless steel
Weight: 630 g
Size of the package: 175x80 mm
Dimensions: 175x80 mm
Diameter: 17.5 cm
Capacity: 1.5 + 1.0 + 0.5 l


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Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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