YATE EVA Hand Grip
YATE EVA Hand Grip

YATE EVA Hand Grip

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Material: Polyethylen EVA

Colour: black

Thickness. 25 mm


General Information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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YATE Hand Grip Ring in Blister Hard/Black

Rigid rubber ring for exercising of strength of fingers, for warm-up before physical performance. Suitable for advanced sportsmen.Wrapped in plastic (...

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Code: SA00017
YATE Hand Grip Spring EGG

General Information about the productWarranty period: 24 monthsProducer: Yate

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Code: M03506
YATE Hand Grip Strenghtener, Adjustable 5-20 kg

The hand grip pliers with adjustable resistance. By turning the screw you adjust the spring power from 5 to 20kg.General Information about the product...

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Code: SA04727