YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)
YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)

YATE Ice Spikes Crampons - Size S (36-38)

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YATE ICE SPIKES crampons with long steel tips facilitate walking and running in snow, on ice and in difficult terrain with the risk of slipping. The crampons provide stability and security in the terrain where is a risk of slipping. It does not replace cats, but it does a similar task. The length of the spikes is 14 mm and thanks to this, the slopes allow comfortable walking even in deeper snow without the danger of block up the spikes with snow.


Crampons are a very popular outdoor accessory for all who venture from autumn to spring, when night frosts make the roads a dangerous slider, and when the residue of snow cover or icy ice turns in a solid way. They are an excellent supplement for athletes who go or run all year round in different terrain types, but also for hunters, lumberjacks and all who work in nature in almost any weather.

The crampons fit simply and quickly, and with a very flexible rim, they fit perfectly on all types of shoes, from light jogging shoes to boots. When choosing a size, keep in mind that winter boots are bigger than running shoes.


quality steel spikes with a length of 17 mm on the tip and 14 mm on the heel
     steel chains have welded eyelets in the most stressed places
     the elastic strap remains flexible even in frost
     putting on shoes takes a few seconds
     suitable for all types of shoes
     supplied in a practical zipper package
     simple maintenance
     weight 510 grams


     S - sizes 36 - 38
     M - shoe sizes 38,5 - 41
     L - shoe size 42 - 44
     XL - shoe size 44 - 47

General Product Information

Warranty period 24 months

Manufacturer: YATE

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