YATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber L
YATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber LYATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber LYATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber LYATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber L

YATE MONS 200 Sleeping bag hollow fiber L

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A summer sleeping bag made of light-nylon material contains hollow-fibre filling with excellent volume-expanding properties. DWR fabric treatment prevents it from soaking in water and makes for drying out faster.  

Construction informations:

Insulating filling: 7-chamber hollow fibre. The hollow fiber has a very good insulating ability and low weight, does not absorb moisture and dries very well.

Nylon fabric: Nylon is more suitable for making a sleeping bag than polyester. It is because the fabric woven from Nylon is lighter and softer. It makes a light-weight sleeping bag and improves its loft (the filling can expand much better and take up the full volume of chambers which results in better insulation properties). DWR treatment - Durable Water Repellent – protects the filling from the drizzle, dew, and water condensing on and dripping off the inner walls of a tent. It makes for faster drying and also prolongs the life-span of the filling especially when it is goose down. 

Zipper: YKK zipper has plastic protector against fabric penetration into the slider and spontaneous opening


Height of the figure: 175 cm
Material: Outer: 380T micro nylon DWR, Inner: 380T micro nylon DWR
Temperature: comfort: +8°C, limit: +4°C, extrem -8°C
Filling: 200 g/m2 - 7 hole hollow fiber
Color: grey / yellow 
Weight: 1100g
Zipper:  YKK, two way, anti snag
Closure: right - left, possibility to join two bags into one
Size: 200x80x50cm
Size of the package: 32x20 cm
Construction single layer
Other: inner pocket
Bag: compression bag


General Information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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