YATE PANTER 3 W CREE + 2 LED Headlamp  Black
YATE PANTER 3 W CREE + 2 LED Headlamp  Black

YATE PANTER 3 W CREE + 2 LED Headlamp Black

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A headlamp which belongs among lightweight, high-performance ones. The headlamp is suitable for jogging, running, hiking, biking, fishing... ideal for any activity when you need enough light and when you require lightweight and small equipment. Plastic, rain-proof body.


Technical data: Diode: 3W, 2x white diode, 2x red diode

Power supply: 3x AAA batteries (not included)

Light time: Maximum performance - 4 hours, led diodes- 150 hours.

Weight: 50 g (without batteries).

Fuction: 2 white LEDs, 2 red LEDs,

maximum performance, 1/2 performance, blinking
Colour: black
Colour:: yellow
Weight: 50 g

General Information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate


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