YATE  RUN TRAIL Crampons - Size XL (44-47)
YATE  RUN TRAIL Crampons - Size XL (44-47)

YATE RUN TRAIL Crampons - Size XL (44-47)

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The light-weight steel-spiked crampons are attached to your shoes with chains and steel cords. They are suitable for walking and running on a slippery or icy surface, but not for mountain climbing. The elastic strap remains flexible even in severe frost. Ideal for common or sport shoes.


Sizes:    S (36 - 38)      M  (38 - 41)       L  (42 - 44)      XL  (44 - 47)  
Weight:    200 g 205 g 210 g 215 g
Colour: black/silver           

General Product Information

Warranty period 24 months

Manufacturer: YATE

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