YATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable Mat
YATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable MatYATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable MatYATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable Mat

YATE SCOUT 5,5 Red Inflatable Mat

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This model represents a new generation of the inflatable mattresses with separated chambers for better comfort and insulation. They prevent the air from moving from place to place, which means  that the instulation properties are better. the mattress adjusts to the shape of your body. A unique valve helps with faster inflation and deflation.


Surface: Nylon 20D

Color: red

Dimension: 185x55x5,5 cm

Packing in: 10 x 23 cm

Folding in half: Yes

Weight: 400 g

Thermal resistance: 1,2


General Information about the product

Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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