YATE Self Cooker camping  Alu 1,2 l
YATE Self Cooker camping  Alu 1,2 l

YATE Self Cooker camping Alu 1,2 l

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Camping samovar is used outdoors for fast bringing of the water to the boil. You can use dry wood, grass, solid ethanol etc. Thein your hands. samovar protects the fire agains any weather conditions. The boiling point of the water is signalized by the whistle. Samovar has foldable handles for easier manipulation and storing. The handles are equipped with silicone so you can hold them. Water gets to the boil after 3 - 5 minutes after you start the fire in the bottom part. If you use wire mount and bowl, you can simultaneously boil water and heat your meal.
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 980 g
Size: Ø180mm, height 340mm,
Content: 1.2 l
Size of the package: 340x180mm


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Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate


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