YATE VEGA Headlamp White
YATE VEGA Headlamp WhiteYATE VEGA Headlamp WhiteYATE VEGA Headlamp WhiteYATE VEGA Headlamp WhiteYATE VEGA Headlamp WhiteYATE VEGA Headlamp White

YATE VEGA Headlamp White

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This is a universal and versatile headlamp to be used in all kinds of outdoor activities - hiking, running, camping, fishing or walking your dog. The lamp is equipped with three light sources - powerful 3W XPE (140 lm) diode, two LED red diodes and SMD LED white diode which is sufficient for walking and significantly saves energy. Energy level is indicated by green LED diode, on the left down.



Construction:    plastic
Diode: 1x 3W CREE XPE (140 lm);  2x red LED;  1x white SMD LED
Burning modes:    left button: main light - full power;  1/2 power;  strobe;  off
  right button: red LED - on, strobe;  white LED - full power, 1/2 power, off
Burning time: cca 50 hours - LED;  7 hours - max. power
Light range: cca 150 m
Power: 3x AAA  (not including)
Colour: white/black
Weight: 50 g  (without battery)


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Warranty period: 24 months

Producer: Yate

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