YATE VOYAGER 195x66x9 cm Petrol/Grey Inflatable Mat

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A luxurious model of an inflatable airbed with separated chambers and stretch surface preserves the properties of a bed-mattress, but it is low-weight with a minimal pack-size. FLAT VALVE and the inflation bag, included in the package, make for the faster infaltion and better insulation because the wet air from your lungs won´t get in. The product includes a bag, inflation bag and a repair kit.

Surface: Polyester 75D

Type: inflafing

Color: petrol/grey

Dimension: 199x68x8,5 cm

Packing in: 14x26 cm

Folding in half: Yes

Weight: 1250 g  ( can vary ± 10%)

Thermal resistance: 3,3

General Information about the product

Producer: Yate


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